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Based at The Royal Exchange in the City of London, Alinea helps you achieve your ambitions and goals on your terms. Founded by Geoff Caesar, a corporate lawyer with 20 years experience, and Holly Jade O'Leary, director with 12 years managerial experience in the fashion and luxury sector, we specialise in business planning, domestic and global commercial strategy, and the provision of business and legal consultancy.

As companies face the unprecedented impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we offer video consultation services and expert legal advice.



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You can find articles which address Alinea's areas of expertise in commercial law, and the fashion and luxury sector by browsing articles, browsing categories or by performing a search. Alinea specialise in providing business planning, commercial strategy and legal consultation services. These areas address domestic and international trade, contract reviews, vertical agreements, procurement, corporate governance, sustainable governance and the provision of commercial agreements spanning all area of business. 

To support small businesses we provide links to relevant template legal documents (which members can download) as a membership benefit alongside collegiate business support. 

If you would like to arrange a consultation and quotation for services, please contact us - email: [email protected]