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Agreement for supply of entertainment services

author/source: Geoff Caesar
(c) Holly Jade O'Leary


One of the most straightforward ways for an event promoter to engage a solo performer, such as a stand-up comedian, inspirational speaker or singer, to deliver a performance or series of performances at specified times in a particular venue is to use a short letter agreement.

The role of a promoter in this context is to hire the venue, book the act (or acts) and arrange the marketing and sale of tickets.

The promoter will commonly also supply sound and lighting systems and personnel to operate them, particularly if more than one act is appearing in a show.

Alinea Law Members' short-form letter agreement for the supply of entertainment services is drafted in favour of the promoter. It does not provide for rehearsals as it is assumed that the promoter has no role in preparing the act to be performed.

The promoter should send the performer two signed copies of the letter, one for them to countersign and return and the other for them to keep.

You can download a copy of the agreement here:


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