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Annalisa Middleton

author/source: Holly Jade O'Leary

Morphosis (2019)

Morphosis (Tollesbury)

Materials; Raw Silk, wool felt, glass crystals

bullion threads and wire, 2019

46cm x 40cm x 7cm


Drawing on observances from cellular organisms and marine life, the artist speculates on the design of future organic technologies, for the purpose of communication and movement of data throughout the cosmos. Her own imagined unrealities are then made tangible through the rendering of figments as object. She sees these works as a kind of spell or portal for the viewer to see into her world and perhaps beyond, in the form of their own narrative.








Middleton began her journey as a textile artist at Prangsta Costumiers, where she worked as a designer for 6 years, fabricating shimmering showgirls and resplendent Queens for theatre, television and the distinguished London reveller. 




In 2015 Annalisa became a part of textile hub London and began the process of designing her own fashion pieces, experimenting with digital print, metal finishings and embroidery, culminating in her first solo exhibition.
Her further efforts went on to her winning first place for fashion, in the prestigious Hand & Lock embroidery prize in 2016, along with a special award from the worshipful company of gold and silver wyre drawers for excellence in the craft. Embroidery became the main focus of her current work, especially the technique Goldwork, a type of high relief embroidery, using metal wires, traditionally used for military dress uniforms and vestments.
Taken out of the context of pageantry, Annalisa noticed great potential for these techniques to be used as a form of illustration and graphic expression. A fascination began with the minuscule and forms found in nature. These studies when integrated with themes of symbolism and mythology became a rich language for the artist to communicate her concepts. Each piece is carefully considered before undertaking a process that is both labour intensive and meditative. Part of their appeal is that they are crafted slowly, drawing parallels with workings of religious art. To the artist they are sacred treasures made with reverence in the many small hours.

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