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Brand Strategy and Intellectual Property

author/source: Holly Jade O'Leary
Unlocking value of original creations; a legal perspective
Floral Souls (c) Leonardo Tommasin

“The tiniest whisper of moss shudders in a common movement and transformed the whole forest, filling it to its limits, into a vibrating, sonorous world… What is secondary in these images, or what, in other terms, what makes these images images only for us, are the sonorous well-spring, the hunting horn, the sealed vase, the echo, reflection of sonorous waves against the side. In other words, all that belongs to the material and palpable world.” Eugène Minkowski’s – Vers une Cosmologie – Chapter IX

When developing your brand, Alinea offer services to maximise the potential of your intellectual property. We advise across copyright, design rights, trademarks and patents, licensing and royalties.

Particular to many brands will be the notion of ownership, who does the content belong to? Who has permission to use your content? How can you earn from your unique idea and how can you protect yourself against infringement or counterfeiting? Think ahead and think geographically - will an infringement in a particular territory be a problem to your business?

Intellectual property has an inherent value that is maintained or increases over time. Structured within consultancy agreements, intellectual property rights include the right to: 

·      Inventions

·      Copyright and related rights

·      Trademarks and service marks

·      Business names and domain names

·      Rights in get-up and trade dress

·      Goodwill and the right to sue for passing off (or unfair competition)

·      Rights in designs

·      Rights in computer software

·      Database rights

·      Rights to use and protect the confidentiality of information (including knowhow and trade secrets)

·      Patents

Alinea provides brand strategy and intellectual property sessions which reflect on the integration and use of your intellectual property on a domestic and international basis. From an investment perspective – make sure that you have a good story to tell.

Cover image: Floral Souls (c) Leonardo Tommasin

Creative director: Holly Jade O’Leary

Sustainable floral artistry: Blwsome

Model: Corina Selaru Dimitriu

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