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Fair luxury presents Gold With Heart

At International Jewellery London, Fairtrade Gold presented Gold With Heart, an introduction to Fairtrade Gold. Fairtrade Gold provides an independent auditing and certification process to ensure a responsible supply chain. In 2018 their global sales reached $12.1 million, with sales estimated to reach $16.8 million in 2019. International Jewellery London (IJL) is the pre-eminent annual destination for the best of British fine jewellery, as well as leading brands from around the globe.

Gold With Heart, introduced by David Finlay

Fairtrade Gold is more than just gold, it’s gold with heart; promising a range of benefits for mining communities, the environment and gold-buying businesses. But what do these benefits look like in practice? And what first steps can businesses take to benefit from a relationship with Fairtrade and small-scale mining communities?  This talk is designed to answer these questions as well as point towards the future direction of travel for Fairtrade Gold – in the UK and beyond.

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Alinea Law Members are invited to attend Luxury and Crafts events festive series, introducing Harriet Kelsall's award-winning book, How to Start and Grow a Creative Business on 7th November 2019. Harriet is chair of the Responsibly Sourced Jewellery Council.


Contributor, Responsible Minerals Manager David Finlay manages Fairtrade Gold in the UK – working with jewellers and other supply chain actors, including manufacturers and refiners, to promote access to Fairtrade certified gold. His role also includes remotely supporting Fairtrade’s work with mine sites in Peru and East Africa towards the point of Fairtrade certification.

Source: International Jewellery London 2019

Source: Fairtrade Gold

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