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A Guide to Contracts in the Film Industry



Helen Anthony (c) 


The Uk based film and television industry is the largest audio-visual sector in Europe with Gross Value Added contribution of £15 billion a year, in 2018.

It is estimated that the Uk has a very real opportunity to become a global hub for the audio-visual and related sectors by 2025, most notably becoming:


• A major source of global IP across scripted and non-scripted output;

• The leading co-ordinator and financier of (and a leading location for) global content projects across TV drama, feature films, high end factual and entertainment output;

• The international base for leading global channels, platforms and on-demand aggregators with all the support infrastructure and services that entails (management, marketing, professional services etc.); and,

• A major source of the high-end creative and technical skills needed by the sector.

On a global basis, TV and film sectors account for approximately $540 billion of annual revenue, with about $140 billion going to new content production across TV and film each year.


Alinea Law Members provide services tailored for the creative industries, please find a link to a selection of precedent contracts, please follow the link for members to download:

Film Directors Agreement

An agreement between a production company and a director for the direction of a film.

Film Producers Agreement

An agreement between a production company and a producer for the production of a film.

Screenplay Writers Agreement

An agreement under which a production company commissions a writer to create successive drafts of a film screenplay in return for set payments and possibly also a share of profits from the film.

Assignment of Copyright (pro-assignee)

An agreement for the assignment of copyright, drafted from the assignee's perspective.

License of Copyright

A specimen copyright licence, drafted from the perspective of the licensor, for use where an artist is granting a licence to reproduce artwork on a product.




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