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Launch Date Announced for Alinea

author/source: Geoff Caesar


Celebrating the summer solstice in style

We are delighted to announce the launch of to coincide with the summer solstice 2019.

Alinea is a new subscription service which enables members to access thousands of template legal documents, and business consultation.

Benefits of a subscription to Alinea 

There are many benefits to becoming an Alinea Law Member. 12 key benefits:

  1. Save Money. Avoid expensive lawyers' fees by selecting the template document you need from our extensive database and completing it yourself. Help and advice is on hand, all included within your low-cost monthly subscription.
  2. Save Time. No need to reach out to law firms and then wait for one or more to get back to you with a quote before you can get a document drafted. Whatever document you require obtain a copy right now through your Alinea Law membership.
  3. Get Ahead of the Competition. Get first mover advantage by being the first party to the table with a legal document. Whether it is an NDA, a contract or any other type of document find a template which suits your needs and use that to influence and shape negotiations.
  4. Protect Your Position. Legal documents apportion risk and liability, they establish parties' intentions, provide written evidence of the deal two or more parties have agreed upon and specify the rules of engagement. Get the legals right and the rest will follow.
  5. Legal Support On-Hand. Unsure which legal documents you need? We provide unlimited support in identifying the correct template legal documents for your needs. Your query will be handled quickly and efficiently by a qualified lawyer.
  6. Easy to Use. You will find our template legal documents cleanly drafted in plain English and easy to use with clear prompts as to what information you need to add and where. If you run into difficulties or have any questions, get in touch and we will help.
  7. Every Legal Document You Need. With thousands of template legal documents in our precedent bank we are sure to have a document which meets your needs. If you cannot find the document you require in our extensive online library we will draft the document for you at no extra cost.
  8. Find Your Document Fast. Finding the right template legal document is easy with Alinea Law's precent bank. Simply perform a search using our powerful search function or browse the logically structured categories and sub-categories. Still need help? Drop us a line for personal assistance.
  9. Always Up To Date. Our template legal documents are always up to date and reflect current law. All of the documents that we supply are maintained, which means that when a change in law impacts any of our template documents they are updated accordingly.
  10. Documents You Can Trust. Drafted by barristers, solicitors and academics who are leaders in their field you can be confident that all template documents you obtain from Alinea Law are produced to the professional standards used by lawyers and the judiciary.
  11. Stay Informed. We regularly publish articles on important developments, such as important changes in law to be aware of. When you subscribe you can opt in to receive our newsletter which will keep you informed of our latest service enhancements.
  12. Community. Membership of Alinea enables you to be part of our community. We are based in the heart of the City of London and host regular events at our offices at The Royal Exchange. Become a member, grow your network and join our events.



Alinea Membership

Based at The Royal Exchange in the City of London, Alinea provides access to thousands of template legal documents and legal support and advice to our community of entrepreneurs, investors and creatives. We host regular events for Members, such as fundraising pitches for entrepreneurs and art exhibitions and are on hand to address any queries of a legal or business nature that our members may have. If you are not already a member of Alinea you can join us now for an accessible monthly fee and start reaping the rewards of membership immediately.