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author/source: Geoff Caesar


All support needed to identify the correct template legal document is provided to Alinea Law Members

We are always available to Members by email or through our help portal, during business hours, to address any queries you may have regarding which template legal documents you require.

Need further help or advice?

Although our membership subscription service does not extend to completing legal documents or giving legal advice we will always provide a competitive fixed cost quote where you do need additional assistance.



Alinea Membership

Based at The Royal Exchange in the City of London, Alinea provides access to thousands of template legal documents and legal support and advice to our community of entrepreneurs, investors and creatives. We host regular events for Members, such as fundraising pitches for entrepreneurs and art exhibitions and are on hand to address any queries of a legal or business nature that our members may have. If you are not already a member of Alinea you can join us now for an accessible monthly fee and start reaping the rewards of membership immediately.