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Luxury and Retail Investment Pitch Series 19th September 2019


Luxury and Retail Investment Pitch Event

On Thursday 19th September, 11:00am - 3:00pm, Alinea Law host a luxury and retail focused investment presentation, introducing Seed to Series B brands and companies to relevant investors. Entrepreneurs have 15 minutes to present their company consisting of 10 minutes to pitch, and 5 minutes Q & A.

Walpole, the trading body of British Luxury brands identifies the Uk's high-end creative and cultural industries to have performed strongly in recent years, with the overall contribution of the sector rising 49%, from £32.2bn to £48bn in the period 2013 to 2017. This sector is highly export orientated with around 80% or £38.5bn of products destined for overseas markets, the top three being the EU, North America and China. 

The forecast value of sales for 2019 within the luxury sector for 2019 is between £51.1billion and £57 billion, although this is highly contingent of the outcome of EU negotiations. Leaving the EU without a deal would jeopardise up to 20% of export revenues, equivalent to £6.8bn a year. (Source: Frontier Economics, commissioned by Walpole). In a report published by The British Retail Consortium, online shopping is anticipated to double it share of the retail market by 2028, and companies in the retail industry are shifting the business models to incorporate brand development via e-commerce, and integration of the digital and physical experience.

Alinea Law Members who meet the relevant due diligence criteria are offered priority access to investment presentations. To request an Investment Pitch Series presentation please email Holly Jade O'Leary: [email protected]



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